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Your Script

Drag and drop your celtx or final draft script.

With one tap, every scene is at your finger tips.


Tap a word and see it highlighted everywhere throughout your script.

Each highlight is instantly found in every scene and added to the scene breakdown.


Created automatically for you with every word you’ve highlighted.

Immediately ready to view and print to better prepare your creative team.


Effortlessly tap anywhere on your script to create a new shot. Each line generates your shot list as you’re lining.

Easily add type, movement, and description as details to each line.

Shot list

Created automatically with every shot that you’ve lined.

Fills in as each shot is detailed adding creative momentum where it counts.


Manage your team as contributors to your production.

See as your team interacts with the script, in real time, on your own device.

Unlocking Features

Without disrupting your productions budget, highlight and line every script for free.

Just a one time fee gives you the features you need for your production, to get back to creativity.


Passwords no more. You’re never forced to come up with a password for the sake of security. Using your cell number you’re given device authentication.

Rest assured that your script is unreadable by anyone but you, every word is encrypted to keep your property safe.

Moving to production

Every feature in Film Hubble is optimized to fit inside of your existing workflow, designed to be printed or viewed online.

Save as a PDF or print right from your browser, your documents are always ready for you.

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